Place to visit

Vikasnagar is one of the favourite destinations for anyone who loves to visit hill places as well as religious stay. There are 3 major places anyone can visit from Vikasnagar.

1. Chakrata:- Chakrata is situated between Yamuna and Tons River. Chakrata is blessed with the natural beauty. Anyone can visit Tiger Fall, Kanasar, Moigad Fall, Devban, Lakha Mandal, Famous Temple Hanol for Mahasu Devta.

2. Kalsi:- It is a beautiful village located 780mts above from sea level, situated at the link of Yamuna and Tons River. Sitting softly in between the massive hills and plateaus. Places to visit in Kalsi are Asan Barrage, Katta Pathar, Dak Pathar, Ashokan Rock Edict.

3. Paonta Sahib:- Paonta Sahib situated in River of Yamuna. It is situated in the boundry of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. There is a Gurudwara committed to the 10 sikh guru, Gobind Sigh, who exhausted five years here. Everyone can visit Gurudwara, Museum, Memorial of Rishi Kalpi, Quila Lohgarh, Dei-Ka-Mandir in Paonta Sahib.